False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installations

Mission7 specializes in installations of all types of false ceiling and light partitions for domestic and commercial interiors as well as industrial projects.

We have a reputation for quality workmanship and reliability. The range of false ceiling and light partitioning systems we offer can accommodate different purposes and budget requirements.

False Ceilings

False ceilings are otherwise also known as drop ceilings or suspended ceilings because there usually is a space between the upper surface of the ceiling and the underside of the roof from where the false ceilings are hung.

Some of the false ceiling installation we undertake are:

  • Gypsum Board & Plaster Suspended ceilings.
  • Concealed Grid Suspended ceilings.
  • Plastic false ceiling.
  • Wooden false ceiling.
  • Fibre false ceiling.
  • Glass false ceiling.
  • Metal false ceiling.

Light Partitions

Partitions are used to divide one room or portion of a room from another and are usually non-load bearing walls.Sometimes privacy can be an issue in such cases. Be it folding, collapsible or fixed type of partition, we Mission7, can cater to your demands for light partitions of different styles and materials.

Our light partition wall plans ensure optimum utilization of the available floor area and are simple, easy, and economical. The materials used in our light partitions are constructed from homogeneous, light but durable, and sound-insulated materials that are well-suited for domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.


Some of the types of light partitions we provide are:

  • Glass partition.
  • Gypsum partition.
  • Wooden partition.
  • Rattan partition.
  • Bamboo partition.
  • Shoji screen partition.
  • Bead curtains.

The light partitions we cater to are well-suited for domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

We have a group of true professionals who are not only experienced but are trained to understand and work according to your needs and requirements.

Carpentry work is challenging. One has to be mechanically and numerically skilled to guarantee accuracy, and strong and enduring to face the physical demands of the job

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