Pergola is a very versatile addition to your backyard or garden and is preferred for its aesthetic appeal as well as for the privacy it affords. It can give you a beautiful shaded area in your backyard or garden, which you can use as an entertainment lounge or even a dining area, especially if you do not have a deck or a patio. In a way, a pergola can extend your living space and provide you protection from the elements.

We at, Mission7, with our vast industrial experience and expertise, provide services in the installation and maintenance of pergolas in your homes and offices. Our pergolas are designed in a variety of materials like aluminium, fiberglass, metal, wood, vinyl, etc., and can be modified to suit your budget and style.


Transform your outdoor area with one of our beautiful pergolas. Whether you use it as an extension of your living space, or lounge, or a place to unwind, you will love having one.

Do reach out to us to choose the best pergola design suited to your garden.

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